Kuku Ramen
Sitthi Vorakij Building, Soi Piphat (Silom 3) Bangkok
Tel: +669-4890-7777
Email: info@kukuramen.com

Kuku Ramen provides the perfect combination of Japanese comfort food serving ramen and yakitori with some twists to cater for local tastes. Led by three culinary experts, Master Chef Hitoshi Inoue, ramen expert, Chef Shije Hayakawa and the skillful  Water Library Hospitality Group’s chef consultant, Urs Lustenberger, guests will be sure to enjoy Kuku’s signature ramens and classic dishes.

Opening Hours :
Everyday: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Chef: Hitoshi Inoue and Shuji Hayakawa

Chef Hitoshi Inoue and Chef Shuji Hayakawa from Japan bring the original taste of Japanese food to mix with Thai style flavor to make the perfect match. Chef Hitoshi Inoue from Kanagawa, he directly graduated from Japanese nutrition college. He cooked Japanese food for many hotels including Hilton and Disney Resort before he moved to Thailand. Thai food that he like is Pad Kra Pao and Tom Yum since it’s spicy. As a chef, he is very happy when his food makes customer happy.

Tokyo born chef, Shuji Hayakawa started to cook since he was 18 years old. It’s begin in his home kitchen when young boy helped his mom cooked. He fail in love with cooking Japanese food and want to know more!, so he decided to become a chef since then. Soup is what he expert! He worked for a famous restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo before moved to Bangkok in 2001.