Ciao Pizza
Sitthi Vorakij Building, Soi Piphat (Silom 3) Bangkok
Tel: +669-4754-7777

At Ciao
Pizza, Chef Gerardo Calabrese, who has gained over 20 years of experience as a pizza chef, and his team serve true Italian pizzas and traditional dishes that cater for everyone in a rustic Italian setting.
Apart from the
passion and patience we put into making our homemade pizza dough which rests for 48 hours, we use only the freshest quality ingredients. We also take it a step further by using a special oven made by an Italian expert.

CHEF : Gerardo Calabrese

Chef Gerardo Calabrese is from Ravenna located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy — the heart of Northern Italian food. He started his journey
in the kitchen since he was 14 year-old and fell in love with the art of creating endless styles of pizza. He was a pizza chef at Harrods, England, for 6 years before opening his own pizzeria back in Italy for 10 years. He moved to Thailand in 2010 to continue his culinary journey.

“I am happy to share my traditional Italian cooking with you in the same style my Mama used to do at home for our friends – I hope you will enjoy it!” – Chef Gerardo